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The safer alternative to conventional chemical insecticides! Effective on fleas, ants, roaches, silverfish, crickets, flies, and more!

Hundreds of conventional chemical insecticides have been in use in our homes, on our pets, on our land, and on our food crops for decades. People are rightly questioning the health risk of these chemicals - to us, our children and our pets. As insects become immune to a chemical, the manufacturer must either make the chemical stronger, or change it. Concerned people are looking for alternatives.

Perma-Guard is an exciting alternative to conventional chemical insecticides. Perma-Guard products are extremely effective against a wide variety of insects and, unlike conventional chemicals, no insect has been known to develope an immunity to it. Perma-Guard is made from three active ingredients: Diatomaceous Earth (DE), Pyrethrum, and Piperonyl Butoxide. How does it work?

Diatomaceous Earth, the main ingredient, comes from fossilized deposits of microscopic shells that are created by one-celled plants called Diatoms that exist in all water. The material of the Diatom's hard shell are largely Silicon Dioxide, along with a smattering of trace minerals. The Diatom is cylindrically shaped, with pores, very sharp edges, and averages 10 to 20 microns (1/2,500th to 1/1250th inches) in length. We use fresh-water type with less than 1% crystalline (free) silica. Click HERE for a magnified view.

Insects are not built like higher forms of life. They do not have blood vessels, only a body cavity that holds their body fluids. If they lose as much as 10% if these fluids they die. Diatomaceous Earth helps them to lose the vital 10% or more. Most insects have a "waxy" coating on the outside of their shell. The shell is made of semi-porous material and would allow the body fluids to evaporate away without the waxy coating. The small DE particle edges are very sharp and it punctures through the waxy coating. It also absorbs liquid, speeding the time of the insect's death. If the insect ingests the DE, his digestive organs are abraded. The process is actually more complicated than that, as it actually kills in nine ways - all physical - not chemical. DE is also highly effective in repelling incoming insects. The net result is that the process kills bugs without endangering animals, people, or plants!

Pyrethrum is a natural vegetable extract from a variety of Chrysanthemum flowers. It is deadly to insects and other "cold-blooded" life. Its use dates back to the days of the Egyptian pyramids. Piperonyl Butoxide is another vegetable extract first discovered in Sassafras and pepper plants and is used as a synergist to magnify the effects of the Pyrethrum. A small amount of these (1.2%) is added to the DE to produce a quick killing, long-lasting, repellent insecticide that is a very effective altenative to the conventional chemicals. Perma-Guard is effective against a wide range of household, pet, lawn and garden pests - fleas, ticks, ants, roaches, silverfish, flies, crickets, beetles, moths, aphids, and many other insects. Perma-Guard is a stainless, odorless dry powder substance that can be safely applied directly on your pet, in your home, in your yard, and in your garden. It can also be mixed with water and sprayed. Perma-Guard is so effective that it carries a money-back guarantee.

Perma-Guard Household Powder - used in and around the home against ROACHES, ANTS, FLEAS, SILVERFISH, MOTHS, FLIES, CRICKETS, BOX ELDER BUGS, BED BUGS, MORE. Very effective against FLEAS, TICKS, LICE, AND MITES on animals. Can be applied on the animal, in their sleeping quarters, on carpets, rugs, and in the yard. If the yard is properly treated, reinfestation is greatly reduced!

1 lb. Bag, Household- $11.95               

5 lb. Bag, Household - $39.95        

Shipping is FREE on orders $75 or more, only $8.95 on orders less than $75!

We now offer a 100% pure Diatomaceous Earth (no pyrethrum) called Fossil Shell Flour. It has the insect killing power of the household product, but it is not as quick (up to 48 hours vs. 10 minutes). Since it is classified as "Food Grade", it can also be used for grain storage, in applications near food, or as a feed additive.

1 lb. Bag, Pure D.E. (Fossil Shell Flour)- $5.95       

5 lb. Bag, Pure D.E. (Fossil Shell Flour) - $18.95     


When using a low impact product such as Perma-Guard, it is very important to get good coverage. That means getting in on the surface where the insect might be so that the insect comes in contact with the product. Dust applicators are best for this purpose. For yard applications, Perma-Guard powder can be dusted, or mixed with water and sprayed using our Tube Duster, or with any liquid spay equipment. For pet or small indoor applications, such as carpets and rugs,an all purpose shaker (or an old salt shaker) works well.

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