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The TurboShower

 Shower Water Filter


You absorb more chlorine through your skin in one shower than what you typically drink all day. Chlorine can make skin dry and flaky. It can make hair dry and brittle, and ruin hair coloring and permanents. Chlorine often irritates the eyes and lungs. The TurboShower uses the patented KDF copper-zinc alloy (manufactured by KDF Fluid Treatment, Inc.), in a space-saving off-set design to maintain showerhead heigth and has a replaceable cartridge. It's the first & only to utilize true powdered medias. Powdered media is 5 to 10 times more efficient that the granular forms of the same medias. Foamulations, LLC invented a patented process, reticulating powdered medias into a “sponge-like” form, enabling powdered medias to be used in water filtration with virtually no flow and pressure restrictions.


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TS-105 -Shower Filter Unit for Chlorine: complete unit with base and cartridge  Our Price - $69.95! SORRY - OUT OF STOCK UNTIL MID-FEBRUARY  

TS-105-85 -Shower Filter Unit for Chloramine: complete unit with base and cartridge  Our Price - $69.95! SORRY - OUT OF STOCK UNTIL MID-FEBRUARY  

TSRC-105 -Shower Filter Replacement Cartridge for Chlorine: Change annually Our Price - $49.95!    

TSRC-105-85 -Shower Filter Replacement Cartridge for Chloramine: Change annually Our Price - $49.95!    

SH Optional Water-Saver Showerhead:  Our Price - $12.95!



PureEarth has been offering a complete line of hi-tech home water filters, purifiers, and softeners since 1989 - on the internet since 1996. We're an established, profitable, debt-free company. We are not someone selling water filters as a "hobby" or as a "side-line" business to make a fast buck. We are truly committed to the water treatment industry, and have been a member of the Water Quality Association since 1999. We are committed to selling only the finest products while offering the most knowledgeable and professional advice. You can buy your water filter with confidence from PureEarth!


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