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PureEarth Back-Washing Shower Filter Independent Test Results

Our shower filter has been tested by the Research and Development Laboratory of KDF Fluid Treatment Company to the test protocols set forth by ANSI/NSF 42-2000 Class I, which requires chlorine removal of greater than 75% throughout its life. It was tested to 10,000 gallons using 2 ppm free chlorine (most cities have about 1 ppm) at 104 F (average temperature for a shower), and met the requirements (still at 80%).

It is important to note that the unit was only backwashed once during the test (at 9,000 gallons). In actual use, the home owner will typically backwash the unit once per week (about every 200 gallons) to keep the media in peak condition. It is also important to note that the test water, which was sourced from a well, contained 0.13 ppm iron, and it was noted that this contributed to the lower percentage of removal without backwashing (see "Discussion of Results" section on report). City water normally will not contain any iron. Based on this, the lab indicated that the filter would remove greater than 90% of the free chlorine past 8,000 gallons with periodic backwashing (as is the design of our unit, by simply twisting the cartridge to "flush").

Click here for the laboratory test (PDF file)

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